Anope 1.8.4

Anope 1.8.4

LostIRC has updated to the latest build of Anope. Changelog is as follows below;

UPDATED - 5th April 2010

We’re pleased to announce the latest release of the Anope stable branch; 1.8.4.

This release brings a list of fixes generally, and some further compatibility with InspIRCd 1.2.

As always we recommend you test the new version out in a testnet environment with your database and third party modules before considering upgrading.

We are in the process of also adding the functionality to our modules site ( to ‘mass’ build modules for Windows each time there is a new release from us which should hopefully help Windows’ users make decisions upon upgrading irrespective of whether the module author has produced a new dll for them.


3/10 A Added support for tracking permanent channels [ #00]
3/24 A Added logging of deleting and clearing XOP access lists [ #00]
2/9 F Fixed marking halfops as deopped, stops unsetting modes by them [#1136]
2/18 F Fixed listing unconfirmed nicks with suspended nicks to SA+ [ #00]
3/2 F Fixed a bug that could cause access entries to disappear [ #00]
3/13 F Fixed maximum hostname checking in HS SET and HS REQUEST [#1138]
3/13 F Fixed deleting force dropped nicks from the hs_waiting list [#1139]
3/13 F Fixed backing up 3rd party module databases more than once a day [#1140]
3/16 F Fixed os_info to display syntax errors if no command is entered [ #00]
3/29 F Fixed defcon to only apply its mode parameters when it’s on [#1146]
3/29 F Fixed numbering of memos when saved in SQL [#1149]
3/30 F Fixed module demos to work correctly on TS6 IRCDs [ #00]
4/3 F Fixed saving databases in readonly mode when using anoperc [ #00]

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