A network that first began in 2006, founded with the goal to create and offer a secure chat service for the pulbic to enjoy.

About Us

LostIRC Network is a small private IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network that first began in late 2006. The goal, was to create and offer a secure chat service for the public to enjoy. We strive to provide stable connections, up to date server software, and top server security. 


For extended security all servers on the network utilize SSL and can be used on port +6697 network wide.

Some other features include.


 NickServ allows your users to register their nickname to prevent others from stealing their nickname. Your users will also be able to kill any ghost connections with their nickname and will be able to group their most-used nicknames together so they can use the same set of settings and access for all of their nicknames.


ChanServ provides the ability to register your channels. This way ChanServ can be used to give channel operator status to regular operators, or to lock other modes or a topic for your channel.


MemoServ offers a way to send short messages to users who are currently offline, or to entire channels if you wish. This allows you and your users to quickly tell offline users something, without a chance of forgetting it.

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